Be An Individual

Hello! It feels good to be writing a regular post again! I didn’t mention this yesterday, but I have been blogging everyday for an entire week now! I’m so glad that I’ve stuck to it for a whole week. 🙂



Sometime last year I discovered the world of the MBTI types. It was an eye-opening experience to take the tests (here and here are my favorites) and discover that I was an INFJ,  or Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging (If you don’t know what these mean, please visit these pages first; 1, 2), or so I thought.

A few months later, I didn’t feel like the INFJ type was the right one for me. As I was wandering around the internet one day, I stumbled upon this page. It explains the difference between INFP’s and INFJ’s, from then on I have considered myself an INFP, or Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving.

Some people out there might be asking what the real difference between these two personality types are. They have three letters in common after all, only the last ones are different. They are actually very different, because although they look the same on the outset their functions are completely opposite. INFP’s have Fi, Ne, Si, and Te. INFJ’s have Ni, Fe, Ti, and Se. I’m not going to go into what this all means, because the functional stack (Fi, Ne, Si etc.) is very complicated and hard to understand at first. I will explain the differences between them without using it.

Both INFJ’s and INFP’s are very in-tune with feelings and are intuitive thinkers. They like dealing with ideas, without feeling the need to put these ideas into practice. They like ideas for ideas sake. They are also very private people, being introverted, and like to spend time by themselves re-charging their “batteries”.

The differences come, when we look at whose feelings they are in-tune with. INFJ’s are more in-tune with other people’s feelings, and less with their own. They are extremely good at reading others, to the point that they literally feel what the other person feels. INFP’s are much more in-tune with their own feelings, and less with others. It isn’t that INFP’s aren’t as interested in others’ feelings, but that they cannot read people like INFJ’s can. INFP’s use their own feelings about things and imagine what it must be like for the other person. They can be, at least I know that I am from time to time, oblivious of others feelings because they are so focused on how they are feeling in order to understand how the other person feels. Another way to look at it is that INFP’s mirror others’ emotions, while the INFJ literally feels them.

Another difference is between each type’s intuition. They both have intuition high up on their functional stack, but the way that they each use it is different. INFP’s intuition is extraverted this means that they have to say their ideas out loud in order to fully understand them. They start with a basic idea, you could say (and sometimes not even that), but they have to talk about it in order to fully grasp what they are trying say. This is why INFP’s can seem like they rabbit-trail a lot in conversations, or abruptly stop talking about something. What they’re saying out loud may not even make sense to themselves. When they stop talking, it means they’ve figured it out… usually. 😉 INFJ’s tend to speak definitively about things, because their introverted intuition has already figured things out in their head by the time they talk about it. They can seem much more grounded than INFP’s and more sure of themselves.

A few other small differences: INFP’s are more interested in creative projects, novels etc… INFJ’s prefer non-fiction. INFJ’s are like scientists. INFP’s are like artists.

Those are just a few of the differences between them. 🙂 There is musch more to explore about these two types and the other fourteen. I have had a great time “getting to know” all of the different personality types, over my months of researching the MBTI personality types, but one of the things that I’ve learned about the whole thing is that your personality type can’t perfectly describe you. Every individual is different. They each have their own quirks and traits that could never be defined by a personality type. I don’t “fit” into my type perfectly and that’s good, because being different is awesome!

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