Things I Love #1: Ukulele


I love playing my ukulele whenever I have a spare moment. I love pulling up the tuning app on my phone, adjusting the tuning knobs ever-so-slightly so it’s tuned just right, and deciding on a song to play. I’ve memorized some songs (Intertwined by Dodie Clark for example) but then there are songs that I have look up the tabs for. I love learning new songs and I love making my cover of the song all my own.

One of my all-time favorite songs to play has to be U.F.O by Coldplay, because it is such a lovely song and sounds slightly magical on a ukulele.

I love my ukulele because it’s always there whenever I need a break from everything. I can go up to my room, shut the door, and just play for a while.

Lovely Birthday

I turned seventeen this week. Another reminder that I’m almost an adult, that college is just around the corner, and that I need to learn how to drive. Well, I’ll do it eventually. lol. Anyways, my birthday was pretty great. I had no real plan for what I wanted to do on my birthday, which ended up working out fine. It was relaxed and there was no pressure to be anywhere because I stayed home all day.

I went out for breakfast with my dad. We do this every year, and it’s always so fun. 🙂 I played lots of Destiny in the morning. I usually play for 30 minutes everyday, but I was allowed to play for as long as I wanted on my birthday. Destiny is a fun game. It’s the only first person shooter game that I’ve ever played, and it is literally the best game ever. I’ll probably talk about it again, because I’m sort of obsessed with it.

In the afternoon I let my siblings play Destiny, while I played the piano. I got The Theory of Everything piano book. I love it so much.  The soundtrack for that movie is beautiful <3. I played with my new phone as well, and took some pictures. I also played some more video games and watched an episode of Lost before dinner.

In the evening we all watched The Pixar Story; a documentery about how Pixar started and grew into what it is today. I loved it. I love Pixar and I love documenteries so there was no way I couldn’t enjoy The Pixar Story. We also ate cake and dinner (Subway) before playing Clue.

It was the best kind of birthday. I didn’t go anywhere or do anything, but it was relaxing and fun, and I got to spend it with my lovely family. ❤


The Point


I am a complete and utter mess of a human being.

I hope some of you can sympathize.

I am plagued by my emotions and the scary thoughts that run rampant in my brain. I’m plagued by fear of what people think. I am overrun by the way I feel. I feel hurt so often that I’ve begun to push away, emotionally, from those who have hurt me in the past. I begin to see them as so two-dementional. I know that there is more to them then that, but I don’t really feel like trying to figure them out. I keep an open mind towards them. I love them, I do, but I love them cynically.

Sometimes it seems like there is no point in loving others when all they give back is indifference. I often think I am so done dealing with them. I push them away. I push love away. I push God away.

I guess that’s when I realized, just today, that life is so much bigger than me and my stupid experiences. My feelings aren’t always valid as I’d like to believe. My thoughts and conclusions are ridden with errors. Yes, I’m a mess, and when I realize this I realize that there is a point to love. There is a big point.

Jesus loves us.

Yes, I know, it sounds cheesy. What I’ve realized is that some of the most cheesy things in life are sometimes the truest things.

Jesus does love all of us, and if we follow Him, we make it our business to love Him and others as he loved us. Jesus is the perfect example of grace and love. He is the point to all the pointlessness in the world. He is the savior of the lost and the hope for the hopeless.

I’m done living thinking that love has not point, because love does have a point. A very big point.

Dreams and Reality

The sun was rising in the clean, blue sky over the colorful hills behind my neighborhood. A very busy day was about to begin, but I wanted to take a moment to breathe. It was 65 degrees (Fahrenheit) outside, the sun was shining, and the colors of fall were about to fade. I took care to notice each different color on the leaves of the neighborhood trees, but I found the colorful hills in the distance far more alluring.

I wanted to go there. I wanted to throw off the tethers of what I was supposed to do and go on an adventure. Thinking about running across the bare cornfield and finding myself at the base of those hills made me tingle with longing. The only thing standing in my way was reality. Thinking about getting into the van and going to co-op for another day where I wouldn’t get much school done made me want to stay home, but I went because I had to.

My dreams are big and bold and beautiful to me. I love to imagine all their most intricate details and make up an alternate reality in my head. It’s easy to get lost in there.

Reality is clear-cut, but oddly uncertain, and a lot of work. It’s a lot of hard work, but  the rewards of working hard make up for it.

I wouldn’t want to live forever in my dreamland where nothing ever gets accomplished, but I don’t want to get so bogged down by reality that I have no dreams. I always want to have dreams, even when I’m old. It’s all a matter of weaving dreams into reality and trying to make them possible. I try to remember this when I’m thinking about my own dream of becoming a freelancing, tiny-houser on a farm. 🙂 It’s a big dream, but I’m always striving to make it possible.

Ways to Win My Heart :P lol

Day Six: Six/seven Ways to Win My Heart

I don’t really know why I am putting this information on the internet, but these are my thoughts. I’d like to know how they compare to other people’s. Yeah, anyways, here’s my list. I don’t usually (ever before now) talk about this sort of thing on my blog, so it feels a bit awkward. 😛

  1. Being completely open and honest – I know that no one is completely open and honest all the time especially open, but if a guy isn’t afraid to show their flaws, talk about how they got to where they are now, aren’t afraid to be goofy, and act like a man, I like that. I like people who are real, or striving to be. 
  2. Chill – By chill, I mean they let things roll off their backs, so to speak. I mean patient, yes, but I also mean innately forgiving of the stupid, meaningless things that I say all the time. 
  3. Conversations about deep topics – I love having a good conversation with anyone about their passions, and dreams, but I also mean talking about the state of the world and things that are completely theoretical. I love when someone is willing to learn about different viewpoints on things. I don’t want a debate, I want a discussion. 
  4. Gets my sense of humor – love when I say something and someone says the exact thing that I was expecting them to say, because we both get it. I love when someone says something sarcastic and I can reply with something sarcastic and we both know that the other person is being sarcastic. (All of this rarely happens though) 
  5. Understands my need for space – I’m an introvert. I need space. I’m also an independent person. I don’t like clingy people. I love the idea of knowing that no matter how far away you are you still have the same feelings for each other. I also love the thought that we can pick up right where we left off. 🙂 
  6. Maybe doesn’t get me completely, but willing to learn – I know that no one will ever completely get me, and that’s okay. I just want someone who thinks, “Hey, she’s interesting and doesn’t make much sense to me, but there’s something in her that gets me and there’s something in me that gets her. I ‘m going to try and get to know her.” That’s what I want. 
  7. Being completely and ridiculously silly – It’s always funny when someone does something unexpected that makes me laugh. It’s like the person you think they are changes into this person who is ridiculously goofy and doesn’t care what other people may think. 🙂 

“Fallish” Things

School is back in my life again and with it comes schedules, a quiet house, and a lot of learning. I won’t complain, because I love school dearly. It’s always been a friend to me. Of course, with school comes autumn and chilly weather. I couldn’t have imagined autumn two weeks ago, in that dreadfully humid weather, but now I can. On Sunday morning I was pleasantly surprised to find that the air smelled like autumn. It wasn’t cool and dry, but was faintly spicy. Yes, autumn is coming. I shall miss the warm weather and yes, the humidity as well, but I am looking forward to “fallish” things:

  • Colorful leaves
  • cooler weather
  • apple picking
  • more school 🙂
  • youth group

Ahhh… yes, autumn is a pleasant season. School has returned, cooler days are coming, and the world keeps spinning around. Glorious world, beautiful life! I can’t believe that I am living, right now, in this beautiful place. 🙂

Things To Do and Wet Days

It’s a beautifully wet day. 🙂 The air has been cleared of its hot humidity and is awash in cleanness. The grass is green, the air is clear, and it is a wonderful temperature outside. Every day this week it has rained all morning, cleared up in the afternoon, and rained sporadically throughout the evening. It’s lovely weather for everything summery, but summer is actually over for the kids in my school district. Not me, however, I start next Monday. Monday is a delightful day to start school on, and the proper one too. I shouldn’t have liked starting school today, as we planned to a few weeks ago. Thankfully there is just way too much preparing to be done.

Oh! A black butterfly has landed on the butterfly bush. It is all black, but for the orange tips on its back, the orange stripe on its wings, and delightful white spots on the tips of its wings. It is gorgeous! I love having a butterfly bush. It is where all the posh, little butterflies come to eat, drink, and socialize. It may be a rather untidy thing to keep by the front porch, but its untidiness is well worth the beautiful little creatures that it brings.

What have I done today? Quite a lot, I should think. For one, I watched two English (not British, mind) shows, and one was The Great British Baking Show. I love Netflix, because it has brought to my attention beautiful shows. And, oh, TGBBS is truly a beautiful show and very relaxing. The contestants are so nice to one another. It is a show entirely in it’s own league. No American cooking show can ever hope to elevate itself, in my mind, to the height of greatness that The Great British Baking Show has achieved.

What else have I done? School preparing. Of course. I really enjoy it, but I need a break, and right now I’m taking one.

What I Hope to Accomplish:

  1. More publishing research
  2. More writing research
  3. A successful listen through to Mmhmm (RK, of course) 🙂

That is all.

Good Day,


Reading: NMC Day 2

By the way, NMC stands for No Music Challenge. I just wanted to make that clear. 🙂

Reading. Reading. Reading. I love reading. Right now I’m in the middle of a good book called Coronation Summer by Angela Thirkell. It’s set in the late 1830s when Victoria became the Queen of England and is about two friends who travel to London for the festivities. It’s also a love story about how the two girls meet their husbands during the trip. 🙂 I am thoroughly enjoying it!

I love reading and I always have. I love reading books that captivate my attention and heart, and take me on a journey that I can’t pull myself away from. Those are the best kinds of books to me. The ones that won’t let me go. I have found many such books like that in my life, but one of the most captivating books I have ever read is called Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marrillier. I read it while I was at Disney World two years ago. I just brought it for some light reading and because I must always bring a book with me wherever I go. Anyways, I ended up devouring that book. I couldn’t put it down. I read it everywhere; while waiting in line, while eating meals, while on the bus, and at the hotel room. I couldn’t stop reading it.

These past few days have been beautiful days full of happy things, but the thing I have enjoyed the most is sitting on my deck and reading. It takes me back to when reading was all I did. ever. Those were good days and I hope to bring them back, at least somewhat.

Some of my favorite books:

  • The Penderwicks series by Jeanne Birdsall
  • Anne of the Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool
  • Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier

Please, share some of your favorite books!

Taking a Break…


(First and foremost, look at that beautiful bug! My siblings and I found it on the front porch of my Grandparent’s house while we were on vacation and I had to take a picture of it)

This week I want to take a break from something that has been distracting me for a while now. Music. As you know I love music and it’s a huge part of my life, but it’s beginning to take over my life. It’s not that I can’t do anything or go anywhere without listening to music, but it is taking away time that could be spent on other things that I love to do.

A List of the Things I Could Do (was I not listening to so much music):

  1. Finish school faster
  2. Put more effort into this blog
  3. Write more
  4. Read more

I’ll be updating this blog every day (as usual) to report on this special “challenge” that I’m doing and if I have more time to do other things.

Until Tomorrow,



I watched the sun set over the beach. It’s funny how a little thing like a sunset is really not such a little thing. It’s a beautiful thing and there’s no better way to experience it then to see it by a large body of water. The way the light reflects off of the water and colors the clouds is amazing to see. It’s one part of nature that I have always been in awe of.

Yesterday, when I saw the sunset, I tried to ingrain it into my memory so that I could write about it later. Here is what I remember: large clouds skirting across the western sky, the sun quickly descending into the midst of them. I remember the riot of colors that exploded into being as the sun passed by the clouds. There were pinks, reds, oranges, and gold. I remember the grey-blue of the clouds and the white-tipped waves that rushed to the shore.

I can never see something as it truly is for long, because my imagination takes over and I see a new world. No matter how old and mature I get I never want to stop seeing things as they could be, or imagining things into being. Yesterday, I saw a cloud boat. It was floating near the water, a little to the east of the sunset, away from the docks and moorings of the cloud islands. It was colored pink and a tiny white flag could be seen fluttering in the breeze. Soon, it had sailed away into the evening sky.

There were lots of people down by the shore. There were kids playing in the water and on the dunes. They played in the sand and by the shore. The adults were snapping pictures and walking up and down the beach. I wondered what it would be like if no one worried about taking the perfect picture and we all just watched the sunset instead. Of course, I thought of Look On Up by Relient K. I was seeing that song play out in front of my eyes. Pictures are great, but they can never replace the beauty and wonder of seeing a real sunset.

Those are my thoughts. 🙂