The Endless Sky


I’ve been going on walks every morning for the past few weeks. I take the same route through the neighborhood each time. I have thought about going down different roads and exploring a bit, but then it wouldn’t be quite so enjoyable. It is interesting and beautiful to see life in its regular rounds. I love seeing little bunnies with fluffy tails hop across my path. I say ‘hello’ every morning to the orange cat that sits on its front porch waiting to be let in.

My favorite part is the sky. It is different every morning. I love to see the clouds shift and change as the light hits them. I watch as the sky moves from the purple-blue of early morning to the blue-blue of day. There is something about the sky that makes it look endless. It is all at once a blanket covering the world and a never ending sea that is always new every day.

I have been so much happier lately and that is partially due to my walks. I get up earlier, around 6:00 or 6:30, let the dogs out, grab a drink of water, and head out. I usually feel a little sleepy. Sometimes I will listen to a podcast or maybe some music, but I like to unplug and disconnect on my walks. I want to be present and experience moments as they happen.

I think that is something I’ve learned over the past year. I need to focus on real life and not daydream or look at my phone as much as I do now. Life is flying past me and I don’t want to waste any of the time I have on this earth.