I realize everyday that I don’t really know myself very well. There is always more to learn. I’ve learned lately that I’m able to change. I’m not a stagnant being because there’s so much to learn and so much room for change.

And I am changing. Change is so weird. Sometimes it comes quickly and surprises me. Sometimes it comes slow and I’ll suddenly realize that something is different.

It was strange the day I realized that I liked change, because I used to hate it so much. I didn’t like people leaving my life. I didn’t like growing up. I figured that if everything just stayed the same then I would never have to worry about those things. Because those things were hard.

When I finally realized that change was good it was like a huge weight was lifted off me. And I felt free to live life. I felt free to really immerse myself in life, and to love things and people even though they might end up leaving, because that’s the way it is. I’m not done learning this lesson either. It keeps becoming clearer to me that life is full of change and that even though I lose things I love, I should never stop loving them all the same.

Just another thought for another day,



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