Dear March and April

Dear March and April,


First off and I want to say, how dare you pass so quickly! I can’t believe you. Why didn’t you pass slowly as usual? No, you had to change things up this year and make these months seem super short. And you didn’t even ask me if I would mind. Do I mind, not at all, but still… the sudden change was rather unsettling.

From the very beginning I had a feeling time would be passing quickly. I mean, I went to D.C at the beginning of March, which was really fun. Seeing national landmarks and the White House and taking the subway was all very fun, but then you went and made the rest of the month a whirlwind of activity, fun, and newness. My mom left for a week, my cousins came for a week, I spent a lot of time daydreaming, and the weather grew warmer. All of this is fine and good, I only wish I’d had more time to savor it.

Then the middle of March came and things got a bit crazy. There was a little drama and a little confusion. I felt like I was pushed into a whole new world that was full of situations that I’d only ever read about. Surely, my life would never have a bit of annoying drama in it. But no, I guess not. All that came and went however, as I knew it would.

March melted into April so naturally that it wasn’t like a new month at all… until that 85 degree day, what was that about? Anyways, April came and held my hand for a while and sang me a song. It was my reward for the ridiculously busy, confusing month of March. I got a few days of hand-holding, and then it was back into the fray of ‘business as usual.’ I realized that thrift shopping is fun. That Conan Gray is awesome. And that the best things in life take a lot of work. And I’m in the middle of all that work right now. Yes, it’s hard, but I know that in the end it will be worth it.

I know you know all this already, but, March and April, I just want to thank you for being so lovely. All the sunny days, rainy afternoons, and cold morning gave me hope of a beautiful spring. All the little happy things and little hard things made me realize that my life is changing, and changing fast. All the people who have stepped into my life and all the ones who have been there for many Marches and Aprils, reminded me that love is real and it is powerful. And through all of this, I have been reminded again that God loves me very much and I am very thankful for that.

Thank you March and April, you were lovely.



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