Another Post

I haven’t written a blog post in nearly a week.

I haven’t written anything “for fun” in about a month.

I haven’t read Return of the King for a few days.

I’ve been missing out on social gatherings recently.

I’ve been feeling spaced-out and a tiny bit down for a week or two.

It’s been another long week.

I’ve come to accept that I’m not going to get a lot done until after the ACT, but it still sucks. I wish I had time to do everything, but I just don’t. I know this test isn’t really that important. I know I life can still be great without a college education. Still, I’m studying for a big test and it’s taking a lot out of me.

I got a Twitter account this week, played Destiny, and wished I was with my friends when I wasn’t. 😦 I took lots of pictures with my new phone. I studied a lot. I read a lot. I finished reading 1 and 2 Corinthians. I’ve done a lot this week. I’ve been productive… but I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten anywhere.

Ugh. I feel like my blog has turned into a dumping grounds for my emotions and contains nothing fun or helpful whatsoever!



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