My Sad Novel

I haven’t worked on my novel since the beginning of December and every time I think about it now, I wonder. I wonder whether I’ll finish it or not. I wonder if it’s good enough to make an effort. I wonder if I should switch it from historical fiction to modern day. I wonder if the story even matters. I wonder when I’ll “have time” to work on it.

In the midst of my bemoaning I have been ridiculously busy. It’s no wonder that I really haven’t had time for my book. The problem is that as I get ready to take the ACT and start thinking about my future, I’m thinking about my writing. I can’t become a good writer just by going to school to become one, or making a business plan to make my dream of writing possible. I become a good writer by writing, and I haven’t been doing that lately.

So, my sad little novel sits on my computer. I haven’t even read through the entire first draft. There are so many dead ends, unnamed characters, and plot holes. It’s ridiculous in places, and stupid in others. It really needs work.

Still, I do have a plan. I’m going to work on it in March and April (perhaps May as well), and try to write a complete second draft in those two (or three) months. I’ll need to focus and spend a lot of time on it, but I think my book is worth it. I do love my story after all, even though I’m less than excited about it at the moment.

Here’s to crummy first drafts and being to super busy,


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