Christmas Thoughts

A Thought

Two days ago my family traveled home from visiting family for Christmas. I spent a week there and watched movies, helped build a snow fort, and hung out with my family. I never want to leave home for an extended amount of time, but this trip and my trip in July, have taught me that leaving can be really fun. Especially when you leave to visit family you love.

Another Thought

Yesterday my family celebrated Christmas at home. We woke up, not too early, opened presents, and ate cinnamon rolls. After a relaxed morning spent using out new stuff, we spent the afternoon watching cheesy Hallmark movies.

A Third Thought

It was quite warm out yesterday, almost 70. The wind blew fiercely, but that didn’t matter because it was a sweet wind. I took a walk by myself around the neighborhood. It was quiet out, though everyone was either off from school or work. No one ever goes outside in my neighborhood. XD I walked around, notebook in hand. Ready to write down any thought that came. No writable thoughts appeared, so I walked around clutching my Star Wars notebook, wearing my Lord of the Rings necklace, as well as a t-shirt with a book on it and a speech bubble that says, “I’m better than the movie!” what a nerd. lol ๐Ÿ˜€

It was relaxing to be outside with a warm wind blowing around me; alone with my thoughts. I always need time and space to process my emotions, and taking a walk gives me both. I thought about how nice the weather was, my future, my vacation, and how much I loved being home.

A Final Thought

On Christmas night we had dinner at IHOP on our way home. When we were sitting there eating pancakes in the crowded restaurant, I experienced something that didn’t mean a lot to me at the time. But now that I look back at it… I don’t know why, but it touches me. We were sitting there and my Dad prayed for the food. He thanked God not only for the food, but also for Christ’s birth, His life on earth, His death, and His resurrection. In that moment, I felt warm and fuzzy. A ball of happy, cozy emotions.

Now, I have a few concrete thoughts about it. Thought one: I love us. I love my family and all the things we believe in. Thought Two: I love that what my father prayed about, Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, is something that is real for me. It’s not just a story I hear every year. It’s the ultimate truth and has vast implications for the way I live, and one big one in particular; the meaning of life.


What is the chief end of man?

To glorify God and enjoy Him

Forever. ย  ย 

ย  ย  ย – Westminster Shorter Catechism

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