Snowy Woods


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I will finish this story, don’t worry. 🙂

I opened my eyes in the darkness of the living room. My toes were cold and my ears were burning up. I adjusted my blanket so that it covered my toes and exposed my ears. I brushed my long hair out of my face. I could hear the small sounds of the sleeping house. The furnace turned off and the floors creaked slightly, but the only other sound was the wind howling around the house and through the trees outside.

I sat up in my sleeping bag and tried to ignore the fact that every sound echoed through the hollow house. The spot in the corner, where the Christmas tree had sat for many a Christmas, was now empty, and all those boxes were filled with reminders of a life that was long gone. I rubbed my aching temples.

It was the lonely, cold sound of the wind that drew me to the nearest window. The front yard stretched in front of my. A lone streetlight with a burnt out bulb stood like a branch-less tree near the road and stuck out from the soft blue-white of the snow that sat serenely under the clear, early morning sky. A few snowflakes were falling softly to the ground, shimmering slightly as if they were made of glitter.

I shivered, and stared at the sight for several more moments. It was deadly silent out there, except for the moaning wind across the empty plains. Going to the back door, I pulled on my coat and boots which sat there. Adding a hat and grabbing my mittens, I opened the door and let the cold wind try to discourage me from leaving as I slipped out and closed the door resolutely behind me.

I had never been outside this early, it was only 5:30 am and my first instinct was to be afraid and remember every horror story I’d ever heard about kids disappearing and never being seen again. My first instinct wasn’t working that morning, or maybe I’d grown out of being afraid of everything. Either way, I wasn’t afraid. I was as calm as the wind was wild.

The dense wood of pine trees sat behind the house. The trees stood tall and proud, laden with snow, and filled the air with their sharp fragrance. In front of my house, the road wound down the long hill and into town. There was only one direction I could go. Walking through the snowy woods was about as hard and time consuming as I figured it would be, but I didn’t mind. My brain was still waking up and trying to think of a logical reason for me, Kelly Lewis, to be out this early. There wasn’t one.
Logic, my best friend for so many years, seemed to have deserted me. I hadn’t seen it since October, but now reason seemed to be missing as well.

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