Counting Down the Days


My Christmas lights.

Thirteen days before Christmas.

Four days before Rogue One is out in theaters.


Today was filled with Christmas preparations. We decorated the outside of our house, wrapped presents, and I put up some lights in my room. Christmas is in the crisp, cold air, the cozy smell of meatloaf in the house, and the lights, secrets, and excitement everywhere.

I really like Christmas and I’m excited about it all, but I’m not going to be home for Christmas and that’s a little sad. I’m going to be visiting family on Christmas day. I would rather wake up in my own bed, go to Christmas service at my church, and then come home to open presents.

I know I’ll have a great time with my family, but there’s no place like home for Christmas. Still, I love my family and I know that it will be a good time together no matter where we are.💕

Merry Christmas,

~ Claire

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