Beautiful Days

During all of November I was inside writing drinking tea and writing. I didn’t realize then that my eyes were getting used to the dim light inside and that I only ever went outside in the early morning to let the dogs out. I went outside in the middle of the day on December first and my eyes actually hurt from all the light. And it was overcast!

Now that it’s December I feel that I can actually appreciate the beautiful weather. I mean, sure, it’s getting cold and windy, but the leaves are still bright orange. The funny thing about the tree in my front yard is that it’s leaves don’t change color until all the other trees have already turned brown. They’re so beautiful, all bright and happy even though everything else has turned brown. πŸ™‚

After staring at a computer screen for so long it’s nice to finally step away from that and appreciate the beauty in the real world. The color of the leaves, the stark, greenness of the evergreen, and even the comforting grey of the sky is beautiful. I love to drive at night and see all the bright Christmas lights that light up the cold, dark of the night. I love being able to see Christmas trees in other people’s houses. πŸ™‚ Ah, Christmas.

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