Another Day

I had a post planned for today, but I didn’t get it finished on time. Now it’s 11:47 and I really want to just post something before going to bed. I haven’t had a very exciting day, but it was a fun day nonetheless. I got some school done, played video games, talked about You Tubers with my sister, and went to youth group. A nice, fun day.

Sometimes I wonder why every day isn’t boring to me even though nothing new usually happens. I wonder how the little things that change slightly are enough of a change to keep me from going crazy. I don’t want big changes to happen. I like the little things like the change of the weather, a tree being cut down outside, starting a new book, having more time to do fun things, or hanging out with friends. Each day is uniquely its own.

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. I don’t know what my family’s going to do yet, but I’m sure it will be fun. I’ll probably post something about next year’s goals.

More fun posts to come, and hopefully the end of the story I started last week. It has a few errors that I noticed reading it over again, so I’ll have to fix those… Anyways, I’m going to bed.



So… Many… Movies

I watched a lot of movies last week. Whenever I thought, “I’ve wanted to watch that for a while,” We ended up watching it. It was a great week for movie watching. That’s for sure. 🙂 I don’t want to go into depth for all of the movies, so I’ll give each a rating and maybe talk about some of them in-depth.

Home Alone – 9/10 This is the first time I remember watching Home Alone. I’ve watched it before, but it was a long tine ago. It was hilarious and I find myself thinking about it and quoting it a lot. I’m hesitant to give it a 10/10, but only because it was my first time watching it.

The Santa Clause – 4/10 I didn’t really like this movie. I didn’t think it was that funny, but it wasn’t terrible and told an interesting story.

The Jungle Book – 6/10 I have one thought about this movie. Eh. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t amazing either. I had no desire to watch it because it isn’t really the type of movie I enjoy watching, so that’s probably why I didn’t love it.

Rogue One – 7/10 I really wanted to absolutely love this movie, but there was something about it that I just didn’t love. It was this little, nagging feeling that kept coming back to be as I was watching it and when I thought about it later. This movie is darker than the other Star Wars movies, especially when compared to The Force Awakens which is hilarious. It’s a war movie, and because of that the tone is darker.

However, that isn’t the part of this movie that I have a problem with. I like the darker tone. It suits the subject matter of the movie. I could even ignore the jokes that seem forced. However, the character development in this movie is terrible… because there isn’t very much. I felt like I was trying to figure out who they were and what their motivations were the entire movie.

That being said, the last third of the movie was great. It was fast-paced, interesting, and the conclusion was perfect.

The Theory of Everything – 10/10 This movie is everything (lol) that a movie should be. There’s great development of character. It had twists and turns that I didn’t expect. It was sad and sweet. The story was great and kept me engaged. Ahhh! I love this movie. I want to watch it again.

Elf (twice lol) – 10/10 This movie is a family (and personal) favorite. We watched it twice last week because the first time no one was paying attention to it. So we watched it Christmas Morning… I think. It might have been Christmas Eve. Anyways, it was great. As always. Funny, full of nostalgia. 🙂

The Force Awakens – 10/10 – After Rogue One this movie was refreshing. It’s interesting, engaging, fast-paced (for the most part), and funny. I love the characters. They’re well-developed. I don’t care that it’s a “copy” of A New Hope because I think it’s good to call back the themes of that movie. I think it would have been difficult not to make this movie like A New Hope. I could say a lot more about this one… maybe I will.

A New Hope – 10/10 I love this movie. Of course. I’ve already talked about it here. It’s a great start to the original trilogy and a great intro into the world.

The Twelve Dates of Christmas – 6/10 I don’t remember this movie too well because I watched it late at night. It’s a Hallmark movie though, so how much can you expect from it really? lol I love cheesy movies though. 😀

Christmas Thoughts

A Thought

Two days ago my family traveled home from visiting family for Christmas. I spent a week there and watched movies, helped build a snow fort, and hung out with my family. I never want to leave home for an extended amount of time, but this trip and my trip in July, have taught me that leaving can be really fun. Especially when you leave to visit family you love.

Another Thought

Yesterday my family celebrated Christmas at home. We woke up, not too early, opened presents, and ate cinnamon rolls. After a relaxed morning spent using out new stuff, we spent the afternoon watching cheesy Hallmark movies.

A Third Thought

It was quite warm out yesterday, almost 70. The wind blew fiercely, but that didn’t matter because it was a sweet wind. I took a walk by myself around the neighborhood. It was quiet out, though everyone was either off from school or work. No one ever goes outside in my neighborhood. XD I walked around, notebook in hand. Ready to write down any thought that came. No writable thoughts appeared, so I walked around clutching my Star Wars notebook, wearing my Lord of the Rings necklace, as well as a t-shirt with a book on it and a speech bubble that says, “I’m better than the movie!” what a nerd. lol 😀

It was relaxing to be outside with a warm wind blowing around me; alone with my thoughts. I always need time and space to process my emotions, and taking a walk gives me both. I thought about how nice the weather was, my future, my vacation, and how much I loved being home.

A Final Thought

On Christmas night we had dinner at IHOP on our way home. When we were sitting there eating pancakes in the crowded restaurant, I experienced something that didn’t mean a lot to me at the time. But now that I look back at it… I don’t know why, but it touches me. We were sitting there and my Dad prayed for the food. He thanked God not only for the food, but also for Christ’s birth, His life on earth, His death, and His resurrection. In that moment, I felt warm and fuzzy. A ball of happy, cozy emotions.

Now, I have a few concrete thoughts about it. Thought one: I love us. I love my family and all the things we believe in. Thought Two: I love that what my father prayed about, Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, is something that is real for me. It’s not just a story I hear every year. It’s the ultimate truth and has vast implications for the way I live, and one big one in particular; the meaning of life.


What is the chief end of man?

To glorify God and enjoy Him


     – Westminster Shorter Catechism

Snowy Woods


Image result for snowy woods

I will finish this story, don’t worry. 🙂

I opened my eyes in the darkness of the living room. My toes were cold and my ears were burning up. I adjusted my blanket so that it covered my toes and exposed my ears. I brushed my long hair out of my face. I could hear the small sounds of the sleeping house. The furnace turned off and the floors creaked slightly, but the only other sound was the wind howling around the house and through the trees outside.

I sat up in my sleeping bag and tried to ignore the fact that every sound echoed through the hollow house. The spot in the corner, where the Christmas tree had sat for many a Christmas, was now empty, and all those boxes were filled with reminders of a life that was long gone. I rubbed my aching temples.

It was the lonely, cold sound of the wind that drew me to the nearest window. The front yard stretched in front of my. A lone streetlight with a burnt out bulb stood like a branch-less tree near the road and stuck out from the soft blue-white of the snow that sat serenely under the clear, early morning sky. A few snowflakes were falling softly to the ground, shimmering slightly as if they were made of glitter.

I shivered, and stared at the sight for several more moments. It was deadly silent out there, except for the moaning wind across the empty plains. Going to the back door, I pulled on my coat and boots which sat there. Adding a hat and grabbing my mittens, I opened the door and let the cold wind try to discourage me from leaving as I slipped out and closed the door resolutely behind me.

I had never been outside this early, it was only 5:30 am and my first instinct was to be afraid and remember every horror story I’d ever heard about kids disappearing and never being seen again. My first instinct wasn’t working that morning, or maybe I’d grown out of being afraid of everything. Either way, I wasn’t afraid. I was as calm as the wind was wild.

The dense wood of pine trees sat behind the house. The trees stood tall and proud, laden with snow, and filled the air with their sharp fragrance. In front of my house, the road wound down the long hill and into town. There was only one direction I could go. Walking through the snowy woods was about as hard and time consuming as I figured it would be, but I didn’t mind. My brain was still waking up and trying to think of a logical reason for me, Kelly Lewis, to be out this early. There wasn’t one.
Logic, my best friend for so many years, seemed to have deserted me. I hadn’t seen it since October, but now reason seemed to be missing as well.

Top Five Adam Young Scores

I’ve been planning this post for way too long and I still don’t know how to rank these scores. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single score is good. I would be lying if I said that every score was a pleasure to listen to, because some of the scores are incredibly sad and have moved me immensely. However, I think that’s a sign of a good film score. A film score is created to enhance your movie-watching experience, but more than that they are made to move you emotionally, create an atmosphere, and enhance the story. Even in Adam’s scores, which obviously don’t belong to actual movies, achieve this.

I want to note that this “ranking” is only my opinion. I have not put them in best to worst order, because I don’t think I can do that objectively. Also, that would be extremely difficult. I really do think that every one of these scores are well done. They have each moved me in their own way. There isn’t a single one that I won’t re-listen to many times over.


#5: Voyager 1 –

I didn’t know for a while whether or not this score would be on my top five list. I started out loving this score completely because it sounds so cool. Then I thought, “But what if my way of ranking isn’t very good. What if there is a better way and this score is actually very good.” The more I thought about it the more unsure I became of how to rank the scores. I started switching things around, and even considered changing my pick for number 1. Then, I listened to this score again. It is so chill and beautiful and creates a picture in my mind of the beauty of space. That’s when I decided, “To heck with it. I love this score.” And here we are.

#4: Miracle in the Andes –

Beautiful score. I didn’t like this one at first, because it came right after Omaha. Both scores were sad and I wasn’t in the mood to be sad. Now that I listen to it again it has moved up on my list. The first few tracks are so subtle and yet speak volumes. They tell the story of the crash perfectly with just the right amount of tension and build up. The next few tracks set up the scene of the crash so that I could see it in my mind’s eye. The concluding tracks brought back the story and concluded it perfectly.

#3:The Endurance –

This one has the aesthetics down perfectly. It has the perfect oceany sailing feeling and the accordion! I love this score. It’s funny, because when I listen to this I think, “Ah, classic Adam Young score,” it doesn’t even make sense, but that’s what this is. There were some things that, by the time Endurance came out I was used to hearing in his scores. There are certain elements, a certain style that he’s developed.

This score is one that, again, blends storytelling with aesthetics. It’s a quality that I really admire in the scores. Not all of them do it, but the ones that do are the ones I enjoy the most. This score is definitely one that I will be returning to again and again.

#2: The Ascent of Everest –

This album is so chill. The themes are so icy. Listening to it really transports me to Mount Everest. After watching the heartbreaking movie Everest I have listening to this with a whole new appreciation and I can see the setting even better. The Summit, the last track on the score, has a feeling of accomplishment embedded into it. It’s big and swelling and celebratory and glorious. The setting that it created in my mind, the use of electronic guitar, and the power of the score swept me in kept me hooked from the first song to the last. This is a score that I frequently keep on repeat.

#1: Corduroy Road –

The easiest decision I made by far for this list. Corduroy Road is a score that has moved me many times over. It is a gem of an album. I have been lulled to sleep by these tracks many times. They have inspired my writing. They make me want to create my own music.

This album puts me in my happy place, but it also does a good job of painting a picture of the south during the Civil War. It think it’s interesting that both Corduroy Road and Omaha Beach are centered around a war, but CR is so calm and peaceful while OB is not. I feel like, with Corduroy, we are hearing the bits in between the fighting. We’re hearing about the camping, the journeying, the aesthetics. With Omaha, there’s not any time to learn about the aesthetics, because everything is so fast-paced like the real event was.


I didn’t rank the other scores because, honestly, I couldn’t decide how to rank them. I loved the one I had in last place so much that I wanted to move it up, but the problem was that I loved all the other ones as well. So, I decided to just rank my top five. And even these are in constant flux.

I want to say again that I love these scores. Each of them have taken me on a journey to a time and place I’ve never been. They’ve told me stories I’ve never heard before. I’ve learned a lot this year, through Adam’s scores, about how to tell a good story without any words at all. 🙂

~ Claire

Cold Day

It was cold today and I didn’t want to go out, but I did anyways. I also baked bread and listened to Adam’s scores. 🙂 I didn’t get much done and it’s hard to not focus on that. The days are passing much too fast. I haven’t gotten nearly any schoolwork done and yet I feel like I’m not doing anything at all.

You hold the reins on the sun and the moon
Like horses driven by kings
You cover the mountains, the valleys below
With the breadth of your mighty wings
All treasure of wisdom and things to be known
Are hidden inside your hand
And in this fortunate turn of events
You ask me to be your friend.

Future/Past – John Mark McMillan

Counting Down the Days


My Christmas lights.

Thirteen days before Christmas.

Four days before Rogue One is out in theaters.


Today was filled with Christmas preparations. We decorated the outside of our house, wrapped presents, and I put up some lights in my room. Christmas is in the crisp, cold air, the cozy smell of meatloaf in the house, and the lights, secrets, and excitement everywhere.

I really like Christmas and I’m excited about it all, but I’m not going to be home for Christmas and that’s a little sad. I’m going to be visiting family on Christmas day. I would rather wake up in my own bed, go to Christmas service at my church, and then come home to open presents.

I know I’ll have a great time with my family, but there’s no place like home for Christmas. Still, I love my family and I know that it will be a good time together no matter where we are.💕

Merry Christmas,

~ Claire

Movies I Want to Watch

I love watching movies, new and old movies, ones I’ve never seen before and ones I’ve loved all my life. Here are a few of the movies that I’m hoping to watch (or re-watch) soon.

New Movies

  1. Rogue One – Obviously. I am so excited about this movie. It will be (hopefully) the first Star Wars movie that I see in theaters and I am counting down the days before I get to see it.
  2. Moana – It looks so cute! I hope I get to see this one in theaters as well.
  3. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Ugh. I’m probably not going to be able to see this one in the theater, but I really, really, really want to.


Other Movies

  1. The Incredibles – The last time I saw this movie I was about nine years old. I was at my Aunt’s house and I don’t remember anything about it. lol
  2. Wall-e – This movie used to scare me because there was hardly any dialogue and that bothered me. At least, that’s why I said it bothered me. It was really the post-apocalyptic world that scared me. Now I’m ready to watch it again. 🙂
  3. The Two Towers – I am currently reading The Two Towers and after I finish it I’m planning on watching the extended version of the movie. Those movies… so good.
  4. Elf – Whenever it’s Christmastime at our house we watch Elf. It’s a tradition. 😀

Those are the movies that I’m planning to watch in the near future… hopefully. I don’t have a lot of time to watch movies, but I hope to have some time while I’m on break for Christmas.

~ Claire

Film Scores, EPs, New Singles, and More

As always, I’ve been listening to lots of music. Over the past few weeks I’ve found some new stuff that I’ve really been enjoying. The good thing about finding a lot of my music on the internet (YouTube) is that there’s a lot of music to discover.

  1. Calm and Normal by Rusty Clanton – When Rusty released his EP in October I listened to it a few times through, and then listened to the song Novels a few hundred times over before putting it aside. I listened to it again the other day and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. Favorite song(s): It’s a tie between You’re in My Head and I love you (but I’m leaving)
  2. Humbug by Owl City – 🙂 I love Owl City. That being said, I wasn’t sure what I thought of his new Christmas song at first, but the more I listened to it the more I loved it. It’s like a mixture of “classic” Owl City elements and a new Owl City that I’ve never heard before. It is lovely. 
  3. Chill electronic music – I discovered a few really cool artists through a YouTube channel called Czech Sound Vibes. I don’t like all the music on the channel, but I really like the songs that sound like both classic jazz music and chillhop (I think that’s what it’s called lol). Favorite Songs: lifecouldbeadreamwoof, freedom. 
  4. The Endurance by Adam Young – Throughout the year I’ve followed Adam Young’s film score making journey. I’m so glad he decided to do this project. It’s been a lot of fun to follow and I’ve enjoyed each one. This is the last film score of the year and the themes throughout the whole thing remind me a bit of a few of the other scores, which is fitting. *sigh* I think I’ll do a whole post ranking all of the scores. That would be fun.

That’s all for now. I’ve also been listening to Christmas music, of course, which is lovely. 🙂 I’m off to decorate the tree and eat chocolate pancakes.

~ Claire

Beautiful Days

During all of November I was inside writing drinking tea and writing. I didn’t realize then that my eyes were getting used to the dim light inside and that I only ever went outside in the early morning to let the dogs out. I went outside in the middle of the day on December first and my eyes actually hurt from all the light. And it was overcast!

Now that it’s December I feel that I can actually appreciate the beautiful weather. I mean, sure, it’s getting cold and windy, but the leaves are still bright orange. The funny thing about the tree in my front yard is that it’s leaves don’t change color until all the other trees have already turned brown. They’re so beautiful, all bright and happy even though everything else has turned brown. 🙂

After staring at a computer screen for so long it’s nice to finally step away from that and appreciate the beauty in the real world. The color of the leaves, the stark, greenness of the evergreen, and even the comforting grey of the sky is beautiful. I love to drive at night and see all the bright Christmas lights that light up the cold, dark of the night. I love being able to see Christmas trees in other people’s houses. 🙂 Ah, Christmas.