The Point


I am a complete and utter mess of a human being.

I hope some of you can sympathize.

I am plagued by my emotions and the scary thoughts that run rampant in my brain. I’m plagued by fear of what people think. I am overrun by the way I feel. I feel hurt so often that I’ve begun to push away, emotionally, from those who have hurt me in the past. I begin to see them as so two-dementional. I know that there is more to them then that, but I don’t really feel like trying to figure them out. I keep an open mind towards them. I love them, I do, but I love them cynically.

Sometimes it seems like there is no point in loving others when all they give back is indifference. I often think I am so done dealing with them. I push them away. I push love away. I push God away.

I guess that’s when I realized, just today, that life is so much bigger than me and my stupid experiences. My feelings aren’t always valid as I’d like to believe. My thoughts and conclusions are ridden with errors. Yes, I’m a mess, and when I realize this I realize that there is a point to love. There is a big point.

Jesus loves us.

Yes, I know, it sounds cheesy. What I’ve realized is that some of the most cheesy things in life are sometimes the truest things.

Jesus does love all of us, and if we follow Him, we make it our business to love Him and others as he loved us. Jesus is the perfect example of grace and love. He is the point to all the pointlessness in the world. He is the savior of the lost and the hope for the hopeless.

I’m done living thinking that love has not point, because love does have a point. A very big point.

2 thoughts on “The Point

  1. Very good point on the fact that Jesus loves us! Even I sometimes look over the “cheesy” saying and forget that there is so much truth in that tiny phrase. Everyone on earth needs to hear this message and hopefully come to believe it.

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