Very Excited

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On Friday, November 4 I started NaNoWriMo… four days late! I don’t exactly know what made me take on such a crazy, ridiculous challenge, but I did it. I started NaNo and I’m so glad I did. Even though I’m about 3,000 words behind schedule, that’s okay! I’m glad I decided to do it, because I’m really enjoying it so far.

Of course, it’s only day six (and it’s really only my third day), I’m still on a roll. I haven’t come across any road blocks or backed-up traffic. I’m speeding down the highway of my novel still. However, it’s only day six and I’m only on chapter four. Anything could happen between now and November 30 that could put me behind schedule permanently.

Still, even though I’m a bit unsure of where I’m going or where I’ll be, I’m excited and happy. 🙂 I’m living the dream right now. I’ve wanted to do NaNoWriMo for so long. So to actually be sitting down and attempting to write a novel in a month is pretty surreal still.

I’m looking forward to late nights and early mornings of tapping frantically on my computer, writing nonsense because I have to write something. I’m looking forward to many cups of tea, possible write-ins, and many word sprints. I’m looking forward to January and February when I’ll be (hopefully) editing and all that fun stuff. Ahhh!! I am so excited!!

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