Dreams and Reality

The sun rose in the clear blue sky over the colorful hills behind my neighborhood. A very busy day was about to begin, but I wanted to take a moment to breathe first. It was 65 degrees outside, the sun was shining, and the colors of fall were starting to fade. I took care to notice the color of each leaf on the tree in my front yard, because they would soon fade to brown. However, the colorful hills in the distance were far more alluring, and I soon found myself staring at them.

I wanted to go there. I wanted to throw off the tethers of what I was supposed to do, and go on an adventure. Thinking about running across the bare cornfield and finding myself at the base of those hills made me ache with longing. The only thing standing in my way was reality.

The reality was that I was about to get into a van and go to my home-school co-op. There I would spend another day in noisy study halls, trying and failing to get homework done. I would rather have stayed home, but I had to go. It was a stepping stone to achieving my dreams.

My dreams are big and bold and beautiful to me. I love to imagine all their most intricate details and create an alternate reality in my head. It’s easy to get lost in there. Reality is clear-cut, but oddly uncertain. It’s also a lot of work, but the rewards of working hard make up for it. Working hard and being diligent will lead to me reaching my dreams.

I wouldn’t want to live in my dreamland where nothing ever gets accomplished, but I don’t want to get so bogged down by reality that I have no dreams. I always want to have dreams, even when I’m old. It’s all a matter of weaving dreams into reality and trying to make them possible. I try to remember this when I’m thinking about my own dream of becoming a freelance writer living in a tiny house on a farm. It’s a big dream, but I’m always striving to make it possible.

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