An Accomplishment

The daily grind was easier today. I started school an hour earlier than I did yesterday and finished an hour earlier as well. I haven’t finished absolutely everything, but I can work on it later, before The Voice comes on at 8. 🙂

I just finished my hour of writing for today, which I found surprisingly easy. I’ve been out of ideas and motivation for a while, but articles about motivation, creativity, ideas, and inspiration really encouraged me yesterday and today. I was so inspired that a story idea popped into my mind on Sunday and I began to flesh it out. Now,  I’ve started that story and I hope to finish it soon, because my family wants me to write them stories for Christmas this year which I am happy to do, if I have enough time.

It was sort of amazing, because when I sat down to write on Sunday, the words just came. It was a little hard at first to make everything flow as nicely as I wanted it too; I kept deleting everything because it didn’t sound perfect. I had to stop and remind myself that it was a first draft and it didn’t have to be perfect.

Tomorrow I hope to keep writing and reading about writing. There is something satisfying in sitting down to write and actually doing it. I hope I can keep my momentum up, but even more than that, I hope I can keep going even when my momentum is running low.

~ Claire

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