Back to School

This week I’m getting back to school after a week-long break. Last week was full of fun and fair stuff. I enjoyed it even though it wasn’t what I expected it to be. This week the grind of school is back in my life. It’s time to settle down to long days of work.

I found it pretty hard to focus today, but that’s usual after a long break. I found myself falling asleep, drifting into daydreams, and taking much longer on tasks than I usually do. All I wanted to do today was go outside (because it was 80 degrees out) and read, but I was stuck inside doing schoolwork that I really didn’t feel like doing.

On Sunday, my teacher brought up an interesting point about school. We’re all given the teaching that we’re given for a reason. Nothing we learn is unimportant or not useful. My teacher has found that even the smallest, most inapplicable things from school have found their way into her life.

It helps me to sort of triumph over the hard things in school when I realize that everything I’m learning has a purpose in God’s eyes, even when I can’t see it. It’s funny because I recently thought that I shouldn’t do the Omnibus next year because I’m going to become a writer and all of the theological, philosophical, deep-thinking stuff couldn’t apply to that career. I realized yesterday that it can. Even though I’m not learning the craft of writing I have learned so much from the Omnibus that I’ve been able to improve my writing and my thinking in general.

Everything in life is so much more interconnected than I used to think. Every part of it touches another part and in that way it’s all joined together. It’s a web of ideas, knowledge, love, and difficulties. It’s interesting to see my view if the web widen. It’s so exciting to be alive and experience this wonderful world of God’s.

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