Why I Didn’t Finish My Story

I didn’t finish my short story and I’m not going to. Why?

  1. It hasn’t been a relaxing week like I thought. It has actually been a very busy, hard week. These past few days have tested my endurance and I’ve been really tired.
  2. My story idea is heavy and I just couldn’t write about it. There was something about the weight of my subject matter that defeated me. Every word was hard to write, because I couldn’t put myself in my main character’s shoes. I felt like every word had to fit because it wasn’t really coming from my heart.

Today is Saturday and I feel a little bit defeated. I really wanted to finish my story this week. I was really excited about my idea and about writing, but life happened and that’s okay. I’m glad I got to experience this week.

My fair week experience this year was unlike any other I’ve had before. I was at the fair nearly every day doing nothing. I wasn’t showing my animals, or doing anything for 4H, I was wandering around the fair with my sibling. It was fun, but tiring and underwhelming. I don’t belong to the 4H world anymore. I’m on the outside looking in.

Last week is over and while I’m not really looking forward to next week, I’m not dreading it either.

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