Today I…

Today I tried to have a positive outlook on things. I read the Bible, read LOTR, and tried not to be mad. 

It was hard though, because I was mad. I was just mad at having being to be a teenageer. I don’t really like this time in life when you learn a lot in a short amount of time and still know next to nothing about the world and life and how to live. 

I don’t like that I have to make big decisions in the near future. I don’t know what the rest of my life will hold. I don’t want to have to make big decisions. I don’t want to make hard choices. I want everything to be easy. 

I’m overwhelmed and scared like every teenager ever. I’m on the precipice of adulthood, behind me is childhood. I don’t really want to go on, but going back isn’t possible. 

Things I didn’t do today…

  • Writing (I’ll explain tomorrow) 

That’s it actually, haha. 

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