My Brain is Mush

My brain felt sort of mushy today. I can’t really focus and I feel scatter-brained. Best thing to do when scatter-brained? Do something creative. I didn’t get that chance today and guess what? I’m still scatter-brained. My brain is mushy and I feel like plopping down in a chair with a good book, accordion music (makes me think of France), and earl grey tea. Yum. 🙂 That feels like quite a nice idea.

I guess it’s too late now (11pm) to be drinking tea, but at least I can do this. Write.

It’s my mother’s birthday today. Love you mummy (I never actually call her that) ❤ ❤ <3. She is the best. We didn’t do much other then school and go to co-op. I got a lot of science and math done during my three (or four, I can’t remember) study hall hours. So. Much. Fun. :/

Well, this post has turned into a lot of nothing.

Good night,


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