Improving and Goals

Day 26: Write about an area of your life that you’d like to improve


I’ve never been a patient person, at least not with other people. I’m patient when it comes to waiting, reading long books, and things like that, but people are a different matter. I’m not predisposed to be patient towards people who annoy me, want explanations for everything I do, and/or who are always pointing out what’s wrong with me.

In the past I’ve let this anger and lack of self-control go unchecked, but recently I’ve decided to change. I don’t like being angry and impatient, because it spoils my and other’s day and it’s wrong. I want to be a patient person now, because changing isn’t going to get any easier as I grow older. In fact, it just might get harder. I want to be full of self-control and loving kindness that doesn’t just show itself on good days to non-annoying people, but also on bad days to annoying people.

I’ve tried to be more patient in the past, but always on my own which, not surprisingly, hasn’t worked well at all. I’ve failed every time I try. Now, I may fail sometimes, but I know I can become more patient, because I’m trusting in God to lead me to change. Now that I’ve grown up a bit I know what that statement entails. It means that I know that only God can change me, but that change can only occur when I willingly let him change me, and participate in that change. I can’t change if I don’t try because God has given me free will. So it is two things working together towards a common goal, my trying to change and God leading me to change.

There are many other things that I wish to change in my life. I want to be more dependable and hold my tongue more often, but these changes can’t all happen at once. They will come in due course of time.

I also have a few goals for the following week:

  • Finish The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Watch The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Stay on schedule for school/catch up
  • Practice piano thoroughly every day
  • Be real every day
  • Practice patience

I’ve almost made it to the end of September and, though I’ve stumbled a few times, my internet “fast” has worked out pretty well.



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