30 Things

Day 18: 30 Things about Yourself 

  1. I am frequently confused
  2. I am always learning
  3. I am sometimes a loud-mouth
  4. I am a Christian
  5. I love stories of all kinds
  6. Writing is my passion, but I’m lazy at it
  7. I have always liked my name (Claire)
  8. I’m not good at admitting that I’m wrong
  9. I don’t like apologizing (trying to get better at it though)
  10. I love wearing long skirts and dresses
  11. Music is important to me
  12. I love quoting things (tv shows, movies, music, books…)
  13. I love imaginary worlds
  14. Idiosyncrasies fascinate me
  15. I like to think of myself as humble, but usually it’s just self-deprecation
  16. People and their lives fascinate me
  17. The future is exciting and makes me feel calm and frightened at the same time
  18. I am not afraid of most bugs
  19. I am afraid of my dark side
  20. I am an INFP
  21. I love old books
  22. Nostalgia is my favorite mood
  23. I like accordion music
  24. I like shivering over delightful things
  25. I am a tea-drinker
  26. I love new books
  27. I hoard notebooks
  28. I am an ukulele player
  29. I don’t like talking to strangers
  30. I love the life I’ve been given

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