Blessings in my Life

Day 11: Write about five blessings in your life

1. My quickly shifting moods

This part of me doesn’t always seem like a blessing, because it has been the cause of my general confusion of how I really feel. Yet, this constant change of moods is a blessing, because it helps me to move on. I can never stay sad for too long, because my mood is nearly always lifted when I wake up in the morning and remember that the world is beautiful.

2. Books

I have read so many books and they have taught me so much. They are a definite blessing in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

3. Writing

I love knowing what I plan on doing for the rest of my life, but this blessing goes beyond that. Whether or not I make any money on writing I will always love it. I love writing because it’s my passion. I don’t love it because it might make me rich or famous, or because it has dozens of money-making careers connected with it.

4. Family

My family has taught me all about life, happiness, and love. However, my family is also a blessing because of the support they give to me without me even realizing it half the time. Family is such an important part of my life, because they love me unconditionally and act like it as well.

5. Friends

What would I do without those friends in my life that have stretched me beyond what I thought was possible, stuck by me in all of my tween angst, and love me for who I am?

6. Learning

Learning was my second love (just behind reading), and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving it since I began. School is structured, but because I’m home schooled I get to structure it however I want (for the most part). I don’t just mean school though, I mean all kinds of learning. I’ve been learning a great bit lately, about life and growing up. I’ve been learning what it means to think for myself, convey my ideas and beliefs in a coherent way, and appreciate everything that God has blessed me with. 🙂

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