Words of (Tired) Wisdom 

Day Nine: Post some words of wisdom that speak to you. 

1. Actions speak louder than words – This one may not really be “words of wisdom” but it speaks to me because so many people don’t realize that their actions speak so loudly. It can give away what you’re about to say before you say it. 

2. Don’t care too much what other people think – I keep realizing this in my own life. It’s nice to feel free to be who you are, because you don’t have that burden of caring about what people think. 

3. Show genuine care and love to people – Genuinely loving and caring for others isn’t too popular in this culture that is all about getting ahead and doing whatever is nessesary to get there. And, guess what, it wasn’t very popular when Jesus showed genuine love and care for the lowliest members of the society that he was living in. Just because it isn’t popular doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done. The key to it, however, is genuineness. Loving and caring for others is only as benefial (to both parties, you and the other person) as it is genuine. 

Good Night, ✌  😪


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