Ten Songs I’m Loving Right Now

Day Seven: List ten songs that you’re loving right now

This is an easy one 🙂 This list is full of Relient K and Adam Young and… oh yeah, that’s all. 😀

  1. Getting Into You – Relient K : Beautiful song about following Christ.
  2. Atlanta – Adam Young : My favorite song off of Adam’s newest composer album, Corduroy Road. This song makes me feel like I’m riding my bike through the woods in summer. 
  3. Come Right out and Say It – Relient K : Another good song from RK. This one just seems to channel what I’m going through right now. 
  4. Sahara – Relient K: This song is angry and beautiful. I loved this song when I listened to it the first time and with every subsequent listen through I love it a little more. 
  5. Mood Rings – Relient K: Haha, this song makes me laugh and smile. 😀 
  6. Candlelight – Relient K: Sweet love song. It always lifts my mood and makes me smile. 
  7. How Sweet the Sound – Adam Young: This song blends the melody of Amazing Grace with a different melody and the connection is seamless. It calms me down and makes me want to learn how to play the guitar. 
  8. Helium Balloon – Adam Young: This song reminds me of Owl City. The whole album (Project Excelsior) does, and that makes me happy. I am always reminded of one of my favorite Owl City songs (Hot Air Balloon, not surprisingly) when I listen to this. 
  9. Prodigal – Relient K: Can words describe how much I loved this song when I first listened to it? I still love it now after listening to it many, many, many, many times. The whole song is so well-written. I’m always surprised when I listen to such well thought out lyrics, but I shouldn’t be. Relient K is the master of well-written lyrics. 
  10.  Heartache – Relient K: I actually wrote a whole post about this song, so I’ll just link to it. I just thought it deserved a mention. 

Honorable Mentions/songs that I’m always into:

  1. Sleepin’ – Relient K
  2. Guns For Hands – Twenty One Pilots
  3. Hold What You Can – Amy Stroup

I love music. ❤ It says so much without saying a lot sometimes.

Until Tomorrow,


P.S – With one week of no internet down and three to go, I’m not really missing it that much. 🙂 

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