Inspiring People

Day Four: Write about someone who inspires you

I wish it wasn’t eleven o’clock right now, but it is. I know I could do this question better justice by writing about it during the day, but oh well, such is life. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Many, many people have inspired my life. They have inspired me in different ways and in different times, but their inspiration is apart of who I am now. However, I’m going to pick someone “famous” on my list of inspiring people. I fist want to say that I have no idea how this man lives his life, but the fruits that are coming from his life are good.

Adam Young

A pretty well-known musician from the mid-west. I’ve been stalking his Instagram (not this month though), downloading his movie scores every month, and listening to hisย Owl Cityย music.

When I look at Adam’s life I see a man who loves God, loves music, and loves sharing both of these loves with others. They way he shares it is beautiful. He’s not afraid of what he believes in, but rather lives out his faith in a way that inspires me. I see how open he is and I think, am I that open? I don’t know what goes on in his heart, or his life really, but from what I see he’s an upstanding, God-fearing man who is also silly, sweet, and honest.



Life shifts so quickly. It never stays still for even a moment. I’ve been looking back at the past year and thinking about it all. Life is such a whirlwind at the moment. I just want to not care anymore. I don’t want to care about what other people do and how it effects me and the people around me. I’m so tired of laughing at things that aren’t funny. Ugh…

If I’m being completely honest, I’m tired of dealing with teenage boys. ๐Ÿ˜›


3 thoughts on “Inspiring People

  1. I’m a huge fan of Adam Young’s work too. I find his faith so inspiring. My parents are understandably protective of what I listen to, and I was so proud to share with them an artist who doesn’t follow the worldly trend, but rather finds the beauty in creation and his childhood.
    Again, Claire, thanks for sharing that with us!

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