Ten Things That Make Me Happy

Hello everyone, today is September 1 and that means two things:

  1. First day without the internet
  2. First day of the month long writing challenge on this blog

Without further ado:

Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy

1. The smell of autumn or spring in the air

I love spring and autumn. Every time they come around I get a little giddy. They have such nice smell! Autumn smells dry, cool, and slightly adventurous. Spring smells sweet, warm, timid, and magical. 🙂 Of course, if I had to choose between autumn and spring I’d chose Spring.


2. Playing my ukulele

I don’t know what it is about playing my ukulele, but every time I sit down to play I feel happy. Sometimes I play my uke to sooth myself, and it works. It’s fun to experiment with my uke, trying out different chords and doing a (teeny) bit of finger picking.


3. Re-reading a book I love

It’s always good to come back to books that I’ve read (and loved) before, but there are certain books that are old friends. I’ve read these books for years, I know them inside-out and upside-down, but I still love them as much as ever. My favorite books of all time (so far) are The Penderwicks books. I’ve been reading them since I was eight and they have become apart of who I am. I’ve grown up as the characters have grown up. It’s weird to think about, but I can’t imagine not knowing and loving those books. ❤


4. Getting stuff in the mail (packages)

I always get excited when packages come in the mail, but even more so when they’re for me! A few months ago I went crazy about buying all of the Owl City albums. I would buy one every week or so and I would get ridiculously excited when they arrived. 🙂


5. Being understood when I say something that makes little sense, even to myself

This rarely happens, but when it does I always feel good. There is something about being understood that is satisfying, especially when you don’t quite know what you’re trying to say.


6. Being home alone

Ah, one of the greatest joys in my life. 😉 When I’m home alone I play the piano, sing out loud, and talk to myself. It gives me great joy to know that I can talk/sing as loudly as I want to.


7. Listening to Sleepin’ after a hard day

Or really any song that calms my spirit, Counting On by John Mark Macillan is another good one. That one in particular is a prayer of faith when I don’t know what else to say. 🙂 Sleepin’ however, is like every beautiful summer evening ever. When I listen to it I’m taken right back to camp (which is strange because the album hadn’t even been released at that time) and I just feel good. The power of music. 🙂 ❤


8. Foggy mornings

All, at least most, mornings are beautiful to me. Their is something in their intrinsic newness that is just beautiful. I do have favorite mornings, and foggy ones are some of the best. When the sun comes over the horizon and hits the fog, it turns into low, silvery-golden clouds. I love how they shroud the trees in the field across the street from my house. Fog makes everything mysterious and eerily beautiful.


9. Giggling

I love laughing. I think everyone must love to laugh. But giggling over something with my family and friends over an inside joke is the best.


10. Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street (TV Show)

Of all the shows that I have ever watched, this one is in my top five. It’s an Amazon Original that my family discovered this summer. It’s such a sweet show about growing up in a “normal” town. It’s full of fun stories, real characters, and charm. I love it. Love it. It’s sweet and it reminds me of Arthur, another one of my favorite kid shows.


Ta-da! There’s my list. This was a fun post to write! It gives me such peace of mind that I have a “fool-proof” writing schedule for the whole month!

Buona notte a tutti!



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