First Steps to Publishing

Lately, when I haven’t been preparing for school, I’ve been looking into literary magazines that publish short stories. I’ve looked into it before, but now I’m really serious about it and my family is on board. 🙂 Consequently, I’ve been cruising the “interwebs” trying to find the perfect place to publish one of my stories. However, I quickly realized that there are too many places to narrow it down to one. Therefore, I’m probably going to send simultaneous submissions.

Looking for places to get published has been nothing short of really fun, but also pretty stressful. As I look into writing a cover letter, writing a bio, and formatting, I’m beginning to feel a little dizzy (exaggeration). There’s so much I have to learn. Of course, I could write that sentence this way… There’s so much to learnSee the difference? I guess I’m a mixture of distressed and excited.

I’m really looking forward to sending one of my little stories out and seeing what the world makes of it. I well know the world may rip it to shreds, but I’m trying not to care. I know that there’s going to be a great risk to my emotional stability when I send my writing out, but that’s okay. Life is made of times when you honestly put yourself out there. Yes, you may get ripped to shreds, but you also may be embraced and accepted. To me, It’s worth the risk.

Besides, It’s only a story right? It’s not like it’s something I created and have been working on to get perfect, and spent hours toiling over, right? Right! No problem (totally being sarcastic).

4 thoughts on “First Steps to Publishing

  1. That sounds exciting and scary at the same time. I wish that I could help in some way. I enjoy reading your posts and your mini stories that you will post now and then. I guess that I can just wish you the best of luck! 🙂

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