Two Rabbits

Two rabbits hid behind a tall evergreen, one peered out. Everything around them was drenched in dew and the morning sun was just beginning to rise from behind the rolling hills. The houses stood tall and proud all about the two rabbits, but no one was around.

They hurried out from behind their hiding place and into the nearest yard. It was one of their favorite places, as it was covered in lots of soft clover and the grass grew fairly tall. The leading rabbit, Tamal, stopped in the middle of the yard. He stood up on his hind legs and put his white nose up. It twitched as he sniffed the air. “It’s going to rain soon, Anise.”

His companion, and sister, stood up on her hind legs and breathed in deeply. “I love the smell of rain.”

Tamal dropped down and began to eat quickly, “You won’t like it when you’re soaking wet and far from home.”

Anise sighed, dropped down on all fours, and began to eat as well, while slowly moving towards a bush close to the house. It was her favorite place in all the world, and her own secret hiding place. “Tamal!” Someone whispered loudly. Another rabbit had joined Tamal in the center of the yard.

“Fred!” Tamal exclaimed.”I thought you were done for when I heard you were going to cross the Big Road. Why are you on this side of BR again?”

“Well…” Fred began, and Anise was sure of two things.

  1. Fred had never crossed that road
  2. Fred was going to tell an impossible story about his “adventures”

Regardless of Fred’s lying tendencies, this was Anise’s chance. She glanced back at Fred and Tamal before running headlong into the bush, and hitting her head against something very hard and poky.

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