Getting My Act (and blog) Together

My blogging schedule has been close to nonexistent over the past few weeks. Sure, I could blame it on the busyness of summer, school planning, and setting up our garage sale, but the truth is that none of these things have been stopping me from blogging.

What Has?

  1. A lack of inspiration
  2. A lack of caring
  3. A lack of peace and happiness

For months (four months to be exact) I have been writing on my blog. For months I was writing about happy things. This is because I have a happy life. I wake up in the morning, drink my tea, read my book, get some work (this can mean anything really) done, and have a good ole’ time in the evening (usually watching some sort of sport on TV with my family). That’s what my summer has looked like. I have a great life and I know it.

Why Can’t I write?

I’ve been feeling empty. Emptiness in my life comes when the future lacks any mystery and the only possibilities look like bad ones. Emptiness comes when I feel I have no purpose. Emptiness comes when I yearn for deeper connections with people. I don’t want simple small talk. I want deep conversations about a person’s passions, feelings, and beliefs. For the past few weeks I’ve been feeling like this. Empty. I’ve had great days and bad days, but they’ve all been empty days.

Today I finally feel fulfilled. Why? Because I’ve realized that I do have a purpose and passion in my life. I’ve realized that even when I feel empty God is with me. My passion? Writing and the written word. I love reading, editing, and writing. I’m such a English nerd and I don’t even care, because it’s my passion. 🙂 My purpose? Serving God with my passion. Sometimes I forget, but I always remember: every life has purpose and value, including mine.

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