NMC Day 6: Tea Time


On Saturday I started drinking tea every morning. I pulled out my teacup and teapot and grabbed the tea-tray that we just got from my Grandma. I’ve always been a big tea drinker and my favorite way to drink tea is from my little teacup. 🙂 It’s adorable.


I was sitting in the kitchen and reading the last chapter of Coronation Summer when I decided that it was definitely a tea sort of day. So I prepared everything and set it all up. It’s funny the things you think of when you have more time to think. img_20160724_070402407.jpg



I like drinking my tea the “English way.” I drink Black tea with milk and sugar. It makes me think of last winter (and many winters before) when my siblings and I would drink a pot (or two) of tea every morning before school.


To Be Honest: I’m missing music immensely. 😦 I’m glad I took a break from it, but I’m very excited to listen to Air For Free and the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. Ugh. Yep. Definietely missing my music. If you want to listen to a sad song, listen to The End of the Wolrd by Skeeter Davis. It’s an old song that I first heard on Granite Flats (an awesome show).

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