NMC Day 5: Missing Music/Random

I am both missing and hating music right now. I hate it because I have really stupid songs stuck in my head, but I miss it because I really want to listen to some Relient K right now!

I have been in a really good mood this week and I don’t know why. There is something uplifting about my little world lately. I’ve been able to tune out the outside world for a while and just remember that life is still beautiful. I know I can’t do it forever, but sometimes it’s good to remember that life isn’t all about the terrible things that happen.

I am happy because:

  1. My coloring book (hahaha, I know) comes tomorrow!!!
  2. I finished Coronation Summer
  3. I get to have tea in the morning like a proper English girl!
  4. Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street is a great show!

P.S – I planned a good post for today, but nothing was working right and 1) I had a long day and 2) It’s getting late. 🙂

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