MBTI Day – NMC Day 1 

(Photo credit me😜) 

I planned all day to make this post about reading, but I didn’t do a lot of that today. Instead of listening to music today I…

  • Got a ton of schoolwork done
  • Played my ukulele
  • Went to a movie with friends 
  • Typed nearly everyone in my family using the MBTI system. 

Here’s a page explaining MBTI. It’s awesome and I love it, but I’ve had to learn to realize that people are not just they’re type. They’re real human beings with depth, personal experiences, and quirks. That being said, the test can help with personal development and understanding others. 

I love reading about the different types, becauae they’re each unique and completely different from each other. I’ve learned a lot about myself and those around me using MBTI. I think it could be a very valuable tool in getting to know someone or understanding why they act like they do.

Tomorrow I babysit, 


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