My life is moving so fast right now and I can hardly keep up. One minute it’s April and the next minute it’s July and all the craziness of spring and early summer is over. The madness that is May and June is over, but the rest of the year stretches in front of me. Sometimes I think next year will never come, but then I realize that life moves too fast to be thinking that the future will never come, because it always does come and sooner than I expect.ย I look back over the past year and wonder where the time has gone, because it certainly is gone. The worst part is that I can never get it back. I can never have back all those days that I want to change, or that I simply want to live again.

When I look back at my life I smile, because my life is beautiful. I wouldn’t trade this life for any other. I love my family. I love my house, my room, my town, my church. I love my friends. I respect the hard things in my life and I cherish the good times. I love my memories of making Barbie videos, late-night trips outside to get my dad’s ipod, and imagining up my own recipe.

I look to the future as well. I’ve lived my, up to this point, with my family, but what will happen when I move out eventually and start a life on my own? The thought is terrifying, but ridiculously exciting at the same time. I wantย to stay here in my smallish town forever, but some days I want to leave and see new places. I want to travel around and see as much of this beautiful world as I can. I want to write. I want to love. I want to live life to the fullest.

All that is in the future, which I am very much excited for, but right now I’m sixteen years old and I want to cherish that. I’m in a good place right now, between being a little kid and being a college kid. I can’t believe I’m actually old enough to start thinking about college. The thought is craziness, but someday I’ll look back on it. That’s the day I’m working for. I’m just waiting for it to come.


One thought on “Time

  1. I feel exactly the same way. I am seventeen and graduating High school next year. After I graduate I plan to go to Gospel for Asia School of Discipleship, which is a missionary school in Texas. I am really excited to go, but scared at the same time. I am scared to graduate also. What will life be like without school? School has been my life for twelve years how can I give it up? So I understand what you mean. Life is exciting and scary at the same time, but we have to learn to overcome our fear and step out into the world and experience things for our self. Also we learn not to under estimate the future. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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