About Camp

Ahhhh…I’m finally back to writing on this blog and it feel so good! I’m excited to get back to regular life, even though I had an amazing time at camp.

About Camp…

I can’t think of it without smiling. Summer camp was ingrained into my life at a young age. It’s become a pivotal part of my summer, one that I wouldn’t miss for anything. 🙂 Nostalgia, mixed with a sense of freedom, and being slap-happy all day because I’m so tired creates a week that is like really rich cake with sweet icing. It’s good for a few bites, but I couldn’t eat it forever.

At camp I learned:

  • That my friends are the best
  • That you can never learn everything that’s in the Bible, there is always more to learn
  • That I really love playing soccer
  • That the game “Zoo” gets a teeny bit old when you play it non-stop for a few days

Now the rest of July and August stretches before me like a black Word document. I have a few plans for what I’m going to do with the rest of my summer, but I’ll talk about those tomorrow.

Random things I love right now:

  • Mrs. Hippopotamus’s  by Relient K
  • Knowing God by J.I Packer
  • Watching my sisters make friendship bracelets and wishing I knew how 😦
  • Learning everything there is to know about MBTI!!!!!

That’s my life right now. I hope your life is going well.


2 thoughts on “About Camp

  1. I am glad you had fun at camp. You have a sister?! Awesome! I have two sisters and I am the oldest. I am three and ten years apart from them so. I am looking forward to your future posts!


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