Here I am again with another story. 🙂 This is the story idea I had at the movie theater a while back. 


I saw her again that day, and again I didn’t say anything. I knew we could be the best of friends if only I talked to her. I was sweeping out the cottage as she was walking down the street. She was by herself, of course, she always was, and carrying a basket of books. She was going to the library. 

“Mama,” I called outside. Mama was working in the garden.

“Yes, Casper?” She called back.

I stepped outside and asked apprehensively, “If I finish this quickly, may I go to the library.”

Mama wiped her dirt-streaked hands on her old apron. “Yes, but be back for dinner.” I could see how worn-down she looked.

“Do you want me to stay and make dinner for you?” I asked slowly.

Mama smiled one of her beautiful, but tired, smiles and cupped my face in her hands. “No, my sweet Casper. You may go to the library.” She kissed my cheek before going back to her garden work.

A few minutes later, I was nearly skipping down the lane into town. The lane was lined by trees and pastures and overshadowed by the castle behind me. I looked back at it sometimes, but sometimes I would rather not.  I looked back that afternoon. The shiny, white exterior of the castle was so imposing. I hated the way the castle made me feel so small and insignificant. I didn’t feel insignificant that afternoon, because I was determined to talk to that girl and I knew that I could do it.

Before I knew it I was walking over the rise and the trees were parting to reveal the city of Sorai lying in the valley. I descended into the valley and was soon among the hustle and bustle of the city. The buildings were squished so close together that sometimes there was no room between them. People were everywhere, going this way and that. Children were playing games, men were carting their wares to the town square for market day, and mothers watched their children as they talked with their neighbors. 

I navigated my way through the busy streets with ease. I passed the town square and wanted to stop, but remembering the library, I kept going. I loved stopping in the town square on market day. There was always something new and interesting to look at. Last week there had been a magician who sold all sorts of potions to cure ills. Mama always shook her head at these sorts of magicians. She called them, “No good ne’er do wells who exploit their craft.” I thought they were kind of interesting, but not as interesting as the wizards who lived in mysterious lands and only appeared at the eleventh hour, when the world needed them the most.

Finally, I arrived at the library. The library was a rather new establishment in the city. It was made up of a bunch of colorful tents set up where two buildings had burnt down years before. It was always being said that a proper building would be built soon, but it had been ten years and no building had appeared.

I walked into the entrance tent and said good morning to the man sorting books at the front desk. Quickly, I descended into the depths of the library to return my books. I put the books I had borrowed back on the shelves where I’d found them and carefully looked down every aisle for the girl. As I was putting back the last book in my bag, someone walked up next to me. Without even looking I knew it was her. I could see her blue dress and black braids from the corner of my eye.

I froze completely for a second, but my heart was beating crazily inside of me. Say something. Say something. I thought. 3…2…1. I turned towards her. She looked over at me with inquisitive, grass-green eyes and for a second I thought I was going to say ‘hi.’ Then, I just couldn’t. I turned and walked very quickly to the end of the aisle, slipped under the edge of the tent and got away from the library as quickly as I could.

2 thoughts on “Casper

  1. That story sounds very exciting! I wonder who the girl in the blue dress is. I definitely encourage you to keep writing this story. I would like to continue reading it.


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