The end, movies, and ideas

The last day of VBS is over. 😞 I feel a little down about that, but having a party with all of the people who were in the play helped. We watched the play on video and ate pizza. It was a good time.

I went to the movies today, which is an extremely rare occurrence, and saw Alice Through The Looking Glass. It was a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it, and the popcorn was great.

In the middle of the movie I got a story idea and I am going to explore it a bit after this post is written. It is always when I let my mind relax that I get my best ideas.

I’m still sad about VBS being over, but also relieved. Now that this week is over, summer vacation will actually begin for me. I am excited about that.

4 thoughts on “The end, movies, and ideas

  1. Ooh a story inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Sounds interesting! Have you ever read the children series Alice in Bibleland? I used to read them when I was little. I think that I still own the full set. I bet you are excited to start summer vacation. Vacations are always fun! Now you can look forward to next year’s VBS!!

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