Little House On the Prairie – Review

Little House on the Prairie is one of those books that I have loved throughout my childhood. I’ve read through the series a few times and every time I do I find myself loving it more. There is something so sweet and timeless about this book that make it a classic.

Things I Love About This Book:

  1. The beauty in the simple things – I love how every, little treat is made precious in the eyes of young Laura and Mary. It really teaches you to appreciate what you have and notice the simple things.
  2. The descriptions of pioneer life – I love how this book neither completely idealizes pioneer living, but it doesn’t paint it in a completely awful light. It encompasses that perfect balance of showing the hardships and displaying what an awesome experience it must of been to be a pioneer.
  3. The Lessons – Let’s all admit it, some books are way too heavy-handed with their morals. A good book is not one that is constantly shoving the moral in your face. A good books is one that displays the morals in a way that is natural and subtle. This book is on the line for me. Sometimes the lessons are a little heavy-handed, but then they’re not. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. I think, within the context of the book, that the lessons are perfect for where they are, and the style of writing throughout the book. The lessons fit perfectly.


What I Don’t Love:

  1. The explaining in awkward places – Sometimes there is too much description in this book. I love all of the descriptions, but sometimes it feels more like a history book than a novel and it breaks up the flow of the plot.

I love this book and I probably always will. It’s sweet and has influenced me in my love of history. I give this book five stars, of course. 😉

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