Forget And Not Slow Down -Relient K

I have been listening to this album, Forget And Not Slow Down, nonstop for the past few days, and so I’ve decided to write a review for it. First off I want to say that I haven’t been listening to Relient K for a very long time. It was, I don’t know πŸ˜‰, about two weeks ago that I started listening to them. By my limited knowledge, Matt Thiessen wrote this album after he broke up with his fiance.

This album took me on a journey from new, bright love to the end of a relationship that you don’t want to end.The first two tracks (“Forget And Not Slow Down” and “I Don’t Need A Soul”) flow really well into one another. They’re two songs about moving on and still having hope in life even when it’s hard.

The story moves on and begins to talk about new relationships with the song “Candlelight”. The brightness of the relationship blocks out all rational thought. All one can think about is the other person and how great they are.

I think it’s funny how this happy song is followed by the song “Part Of It” which is about the grind of a committed relationship. The song “Part Of It” talks about not giving out from under the pressures of life, because they (the couple) are in it together. The song also seems to be saying that even though they’re trying hard, the weight of all the problems in the relationship are literally crushing them and it’s hard not to give out.

Moving onto “Therapy” we come to the end of a relationship. The relationship is over, but this guy can’t stop thinking about his ex. He can’t stop calling her and thinking about her. Then, he makes the conscious decision to stop thinking and start forgetting. As the forgetting and acceptance begins, he begins to talk to God (he has already said that God is the only one left to listen to him). He asks God questions and spends his times of solitude with Him. It seems as if this breakup has made his relationship with God deeper.

The rather agressive sound of the album breaks up for a moment as it moves on. “Over It” is about deciding to move on mentally even when the physical suffering isn’t over yet. The song describes a state of mind this is in flux between what it used to be and what it is becoming, before deciding to move on.

Moving on to another aggressive song. “Sahara” is one that actually seems desperate. They’re begging someone not to desert them while also apologizing in a rather subtle way, with lines like:

So I’ll ask one thing
Just one thing of you
Dont ever turn me loose
Even when I turn my back

“Oasis”/”Savannah” is a beautiful song. I believe it’s about someone taking a trip down memory lane and remembering all of the happy times that they had with their significant other. It’s rather sad, but also beautiful. Every time I listen to it I find something else about it that I absolutely love. πŸ™‚ The outro to the song, “Baby,” is the sweetest thing. In just a few, short lines we get so much love.

It’s all that I can do to
Thank you
Cause every time you wrapped those arms around me
I felt I was home cause
Everything made sense when you were with me
The next song is “If You Believe Me.” This song is a begging song. It’s the end of a relationship that one person thinks won’t work, but the other person still wants to give it a chance. They’re begging Β the doubter to “believe them” and not quit on the relationship.

The next (and almost final) song is “This Is The End.” The singer has finally realized that letting go is the way to go. He asks one last question to his ex and begs her to think about the answer, but in his heart he knows that it’s the end and is finally starting to accept that.

“(If You Want It)”, the last track, is still begging the same question, but the answer has already been decided and he is just trying to escape as fast as he can and move on.

This album is beauiful. There’s really no other way to say it. It tells a story so beautifully. I could listen to the album for a week straight (done that) and still find new wonderful things about it.

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