Three Random Thoughts

My brain is always moving around and coming up with strange thoughts. Here are some of the most recent…

1. I love that right now is now. Sometimes I can’t imagine a time when it won’t be now, but someday it will be ten years from now and not today. Someday I won’t be practicing with a bunch of teenagers every week for a play. Someday I won’t be living in this house. Someday I won’t take myself so seriously. Someday I’ll be thirty years old. Where will I be then? I hope I’m still me, but the truth is; I probably will be a much different person. Honestly, the more I think about growing older the more I have no idea what I want in life. The more I have no clue what direction I’m going in. The more I have no idea, the more I don’t care about having no idea.

2. I love my childhood, but I wish I’d grown up in the nineties so I could experience that as well. So many things happen in other people’s lives that I have no idea about. I wish I could know everybody’s story so that I can have that in my brain. I wish I could know the good times and the hard. I wish I could get to know the fads of every year and know the catchphrases and idiosyncrasies of every generation. But more than simply knowing them I want to experience them, or come as close as I can to experiencing them. I guess I love original stories and I don’t want to be stuck in my generation. I want to go beyond my generation to the ones before so that I know their stories as well as I know my own. 

3.  In the early hours and late hours of daylight, everything is heightened. Everything seems more alive and colorful. The green of the grass and the blue of sky seemed to take on a dreamlike intensity. In the evening the world takes on a beautiful scent full of summer dreams and dewy grass. In the morning the world smells like warm sunlight and delicate flowers. There is something in the air at these times of the day that makes the most reserved want to do something crazy and gives the restless peace. The morning, with its bright eyes and sleepy smiles, inspires and reminds us that the world is a beautiful place after all. The evening, with it’s sly smile and winking eyes, reminds us that even after a long, hard day… life is still worth living.

I hope these random thoughts help make this morning a little more interesting. Remember to come up with your own random thoughts, because you never know where they may lead. 🙂

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