The Glory and the Dream

Lily's 150 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels in New Zealand:

I’ve had a dream for a while now about how I want to live when I’m “all grown up”. I don’t really know where I got my idea from. I think it’s a mixture of not wanting to get caught in a rut of materialistic living, the dream of living in a tiny house, and (more recently) watching Pioneer Quest. 

From the time I was little I loved the idea of living in tiny spaces. I always picked the smallest spaces for my living quarters in games and I loved playing The Boxcar Children. Now that I’ve grown older and discovered the world of tiny house living my dream is all of a sudden plausible. What I’ve realized is that I wasn’t made for a huge mansion and granite counter tops. It’s just not my style. 🙂

My dream is made up of a few parts:

  1. Living in a tiny house (under three-hundred sq. feet)
  2. A flexible writing-centered job
  3. Writing fiction
  4. Some travelling (just some because I love where I live now!)

The tiny house idea intrigues me because of the lack of room. I don’t want a lot of room, just enough for me and my books. 🙂 I wouldn’t even mind not having a TV. I want to live simply, with just the things that are important to me.

That’s my dream. I hope that I can one day make it come alive.

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