Cold and Rainy

Today was cold and rainy, but I had to do school anyways. 😛 I wish I could be done with school now. I wish it was all over, but I have weeks left. I guess I just have to keep pressing on. I did a lot of nothing today, but I am trying to remember what I said yesterday and find good moments:

1. I took a walk today. It was misty and cool out, but it felt good. For a few moments I was alone with my thoughts. I walked down the street to my house and looked at everything. I looked at the bird balancing on a reed beside the pond. I watched two boys on scooters cross the street, and I watched the cars pass by. I had no thoughts about the cars or anything else that I was seeing. I needed that time to sort through my cluttered mind.

2. I like reading the Little House books. They are the best. 🙂 They make me think back to childhood days of dreaming about my own adventures on the prairie, in the woods, and by Plum Creek.

Hope for tomorrow:

1. More everything: school, reading, etc.

2. Less time-wasting

I felt so unproductive today, but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is always a new day.

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