Pioneer Quest

I’ve been thinking a lot about the pioneers over the past week. We’ve been watching a fun show called Pioneet Quest: A Year in the Real West. 

It’s a show all about two couples living like pioneers for a year in Canada. It’s such a fun show. It made me miss something that I’ve never had. :/ I loved to watch them struggle with the things that pioneers had to struggle with. It’s good to know that this kind of life is still actually possible. We haven’t grown too soft to be able to survive like those pioneers did centuries ago. I love to see how these “modern” pioneers cope with being isolated from the 21st century for a year and doing the work of a pioneer as well.

Watching the show has made me want to dive right back into all those books that made me excited about pioneer living when I was younger. I read so many books about the pioneer life and the wild west that I feel like I know everything it and yet I am always learning more.

The first books I read about the pioneers were the Little House on the Prairie books. It was through the pages of these books that I first fell in love with the pioneers and their stories. One of my favorite things about the Little House books was how everything was laid out in such detail. I learned so much through the detailed descriptions of making cheese and building a log house. I love the books because of their optimism and idealism. Laura Wilder makes the pioneer life seem like such a dream.

When I got a little older I started reading the Dear America books (a series of fiction books that are written in diary form about different eras in history). I used to read all of the ones that were set in the old west and pioneering days and devour them. These books were definitely more… gritty, I guess. As gritty as books written for pre-teens can be. 🙂 They were just a more realistic look at pioneering life. They showed all of the hardships, the heartaches, and the inconveniences of pioneering. While reading these books, I realized just how hard this lifestyle would have been and my admiration for these hardworking people grew even bigger.

These resources are just a few of the ways that I have learned about the west and settlers and pioneers over the years. 🙂 I absolutely love this time period. There is something so inspiring about these settlers who worked so hard and sometimes didn’t get anything in return. If you like history at all, than I would encourage you to check out some of these resources about pioneers. I have grown up with these books and they still make me wish I could travel back in time and live out my days on the homestead. 😀

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