These are some pictures of my neighborhood this morning. It was all covered in dew and the color of the sky was beautiful. 🙂 I love foggy mornings.

Today was the first day of testing! I am actually still at the church now, sitting by an open window as the rain patters down outside. After lunch (ham sandwiches and carrot sticks) me and my siblings played a fun game called four-square, and then me and my sister Abby played soccer while my other two siblings finished their tests (Abby won 4-2). It’s been a fun day of testing and actually relaxing, i.e not worrying about school for a while. I am really enjoying my break so far.

Happy Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! I am going to celebrate by putting my hair up like Rey’s. 🙂


I’m home now and eating chocolate covered almonds. This post is turning into a journal entry. 😉 I have Little House in the Big Woods sitting beside me waiting to be read.

Star Wars Stuff…

  1. (One of) My favorite scene(s): nerfherder

2. Favorite character…?


There’s just a few… XD

3. Favorite Movie (of the ones that I’ve seen):

There’s my Star Wars/Journaling post!

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