Getting Excited

I find that it is getting harder and harder for me to find inspiration for blog posts. Every day I write  a post (except for that one day), and most of the time I write them late at night when I am dead tired. It’s really not good for me. :/ 

Today I am going to write one early in the day (11:00 am). I always have ideas for blog posts earlier in the day, so that’s what I’m going to do.

Trying To Get Excited

As I mentioned yesterday. I am not really excited about summer. I think it’s because I still have school to do and because things change during summer; people leave, people come, memories are made, friendships that last a second are made… It’s all very… temporary. It passes in a flash and then it’s gone, like it had never been. Then, in September, it’s back to the grind of everyday, where life isn’t easy and breezy and fun.

I know, I know. I’m such a pessimist, but I’m trying to get better.

It has been hard to look forward to summer, but I’ve been trying to get myself excited.

The peony plants are growing.


love the peonies! They flower in June and I always look forward to their lovely, heady fragrance. They are also absolutely gorgeous! 🙂 See!

The weirdest thing is that I think I can smell them and they haven’t even bloomed yet!

The weather is amazing in summer, because it can be warm, cool, and burning hot! I love warm weather, much more than snow and cold, so that’s something to look forward to. Even more than the warm weather I am looking forward to the storms! This is a view from one side of the front yard.


This is a view from the other side. It’s been like this all day. One moment it’s sunny, the next it’s cloudy and windy. I wish it would just storm already! XD


I will also have some more time to read during the summer. It won’t be much, but I plan on reading a lot. Here are some of the books I plan on starting/finishing:

  1. Little House Books (Laura Ingalls Wilder)
  2. Mistress Pat (L.M.M)
  3. Hattie Big Sky and Hattie Ever After (Kirby Larson)

That’s my reading plan for now. Click here, to view my to-read list. Yes, I know it’s long. 🙂

will watch the Star Wars prequels this summer, no matter how terrible everyone says they are because I really want to be able to experience all of the movies. Please don’t hate me. 😛

Other things to look forward to:

  • Writing
  • Swimming
  • Healthy snacks and meals and EVERYTHING
  • Summer Camp
  • VBS
  • Lilacs
  • Garage/Yard Sales

Here is a picture of Sampson, my dog. He loves doing school with me.


I guess there are some things to look forward to this summer. 🙂 I will keep trying to raise my spirits about summer.

Have a good day my friends and may the force be with you.


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