Think For Yourself

None of us like to think that we’re being influenced by anyone else. We all like to think that our thoughts are our own and totally independent of what others think. But that’s wrong. All of us are influenced by each other. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be.

It may not seem like a bad thing, but not thinking for yourself, not defining your own beliefs and opinions, can poison and brainwash your mind. People who don’t think for themselves find themselves muddling through life, trying to decide what they believe and think about things. These people say what they “believe” and don’t even realize that it is a direct copy of what their parents, friends, etc. believe.

I know this, because I used to be one of these people. I was always afraid that everything I had learned about my faith and beliefs would all disappear when I was influenced by something else. I literally thought this! It was because I didn’t really realize why I believed what I did, and why I felt the way that I did about something.

In February of last year this all changed. I discovered Blimey Cow. I. Love. Blimey. Cow. Blimey Cow is a YouTube channel whose creators are committed to making the most sarcastic videos in order to teach their audience something. 🙂 Hahaha. Blimey Cow is great. Blimey Cow has taught me a lot about relationships, the internet, and how to think for myself.

As the months rolled into summer I really began to think for myself. I began to wonder “Do I really agree with the statement I just made, or is it a statement that I heard from my parents or friends and adopted as my own?” I literally think this thought all the time, because I say things that I don’t mean all the time.

June came. I went to camp and heard a song in the craft cabin. This song was HeavyDirtySoul by Twenty One Pilots. I loved it. I went home and fell in love with Twenty One Pilot’s music. It is amazing. Their songs have taught me a ton. They taught me not to be afraid of my art, not to forget my childhood, not to let people box me in creatively and otherwise, not to let life drag me down, and that music can have amazing lyrics (This song!!!!!!!!!). I love them and their music. Amazing.

As summer rolled into autumn I realized that I was, more than ever, thinking for myself. I knew who I was, what I believed, and what I thought. If I had known then that I would grow more in the next nine months than ever before, or that I would feel genuinely in love with learning… than I think I wouldn’t have believed it. I thought I had grown enough. Where I was, even at the beginning of school, is monumentally different from where I am now.

Such a big difference can be explained by… The Omnibus. It is a miracle worker I tell you! Omnibus IV has shown me how to become the woman that I have always wanted to become. I know now that knowledge can never be just for learning, that there are amazing things to learn from the Ancient philosophers, and that there is so much more to God and the Bible than I ever knew. Everything I have learned has taught me to think for myself, to examine the evidence personally, and to make my own decisions.

Now, here I am. I am changed. I am changing and I love life more than I ever have before.

Sorry about yesterday. I didn’t post anything. That made me sad. 😦



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