3 little stories

These are three stories that describe my day. Two of them really happened, one is (obviously) fiction.


I went to a volunteers luncheon at my local library today, because my mother and I had volunteered once for a book sale held every year. Anyways, when we got to the library I didn’t know what to expect, but as soon as I saw a few women walk in (wearing dresses), I had two thoughts:

  1. Everyone at this event is older than me… and my mom (JK, there were like three whole people who were younger than my mom).
  2. My jeans and nice(ish) shirt are woefully inadequate

These thoughts soon melted away however, almost as soon as we took our seats. The food was from a restaurant that I love, and someone actually came to sit with us at our otherwise unoccupied table. 🙂

After a bit, the presentation started. It was all about preserving our heritage through the restoration and maintenance of monuments and historical landmarks. It was a really good presentation. I loved to hear about all the different things going on in my community. It gave me a new appreciation for where I live. 😀 I do love my home.

The man who gave the presentation also talked about many people who have the same passion as he does, preserving our heritage. As he talked about them I realized that they all had stories to tell, and that made me tingle with excitement. What I wouldn’t give to talk to those people and learn their whole stories and write about them. Their stories should be told. There are so many people around the world who have stories; unique lives, passions, goals, and cultures. I want to know the people who never get a chance to tell their stories and listen to them.


The Man on the High Wire

Today, I watched a movie called The Walk. I really enjoyed it. The main character, Phillipe, risks everything to walk on a wire, suspended between the Twin Towers (in 1974).

Would I ever risk my life for a thrill, like Phillipe did? No.

Why did he do it? For the thrill, yes, but I believe (from what I saw in the movie) that he did it for other reasons as well.

  1. When he was on that wire he was completely at peace.
  2. When he got off the wire he was changed. He had a new appreciation for others and life. So…

Would I ever risk my life to do something amazing and awesome that I have always dreamed of doing? Yes.

Do that thing. But be sure that it isn’t just for the thrill (that’s really… dumb), not for the money (greed), and not for yourself (selfish). Do it for others. Do it because it is what you love to do.


The Girl in the Mist

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in the misty hills of Scotland. She ran around barefooted with a tangled mess of brown hair flying behind her, and she knew every inch of her valley home like her own face. She lived in a stone house that was apart of the sheep farm that her family ran. Together with her two brothers,her Aunt Mira, Mother, Father, and a few cousins, she ran the farm.

If the family farm was Isla’s (the girl) favorite place in the world, than The Next Valley Over (TNVO) was her second favorite. TNVO was the valley that could just be seen from the top of the farthest hill in Isla’s home valley (Ealasaid – YAH-luh-sutch). From that distance the far away valley looked like a distant blur of colors.

Isla loved the colors. It was purple in spring, green in summer, gold in autumn, and white in winter. But always it was blue. There were many things Isla didn’t know about the valley, but she did know that there was a lake in the middle, because that she could see from the top of her hill.

Many mornings would find Isla sitting atop the tallest rock on the hill, looking over the valley and watching the sun rise over it, waiting for the day when she would know The Next Valley Over as well as she knew her own face.


(P.S – I know that it says this was posted on April 29, but it was not. I am here to tell you that it is 11:03 pm and not nearly tomorrow… yet)

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