April Days

More pictures today because I have been at the soccer field a lot over the past week or so and because I get bored during school sometimes. 🙂



My science book


My sister (Abby)’s artwork




Pictures of the sky at the soccer field (on different days).

April has been good to me, not too many rainy days and not too many sunny ones. I love being able to sit outside on the porch all day while I do school and taking bike rides with my family (which I did yesterday). I also love going to the soccer field and watching/commenting on the game… while trying to do school. I usually (always) end up watching the game and not getting anything done. 🙂

Other things that have been going on:

On Sunday nights (at church) I teach a class of four to seven year-old’s along with a couple of friends of mine. Listening to their (the kid’s) answers to the questions I ask them is really encouraging, because I can tell that they are actually learning something. 🙂

Also on Sunday nights, I sit in on the practice for a play that we are putting on for Vacation Bible School in June. I’m in charge of the sound effects and whatnot. I love my job. 😀 The play is so hilarious and I love watching my friends (and my sister Abby) get into character.

Big news! Today, I watched a how-to video on Rey’s (from TFA) hairstyle in the movie! I tried it out and am happy to report that it is really simple and fun to do! Here’s the link. (Yes, it is supposed to start in the middle)

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