I was going to write a review for the two Star Wars movies that I watched yesterday but… I’m going to take a break from that for today and write about something else that I have been super excited about lately. Writing.

I came up with an idea a few days back and I began to expand upon it. I actually posted a snippet of it in a past post. I’m really excited about continuing to understand the setting, the characters, and the plot. Once I have somewhat of an idea for this story, i’ll probably talk about it on this blog, but for now nothing is set in stone.

Today, I want to talk about pre-writing, which… isn’t really writing at all. Pre-writing is that time in a writing project where no actual writing takes place. Basically, you come up with ideas, figure out the characters, research, and construct the plot. This process is different for every writer and every project, but it is basically planning.

For me, for this particular project, pre-writing means figuring out a basic direction in which the story is going to start out in, finding where it’s going to end up, and knowing my characters as much as possible.

For this project, I really need to know where my characters are going and how this experience is going to change them. If the plot isn’t perfectly planned out then… who cares? As long as I know where my characters will be at the end than I can figure out the rest as I go along.

Some of this may sound a little strange to people who aren’t writers. For instance, “getting to know your characters” probably sounds a bit strange. Don’t worry, it’s just the way writers speak (or at least this writer does 🙂 ).

I’ll write more about the writing process as this idea of mine progresses! 😀 That is, if it progresses…

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