Wrote this last night…never published it :(

I am frustrated by a lot of things.

  1. I feel like I never get anything done. Ever.
  2. I can never relax because there is always something to be done.
  3. When I get a lot done, it’s never enough
  4. I didn’t have time to practice piano today! 😥
  5. I have an idea for a story that will probably never have a beginning, middle, or end!
  6. I always do these posts super late in the day!

Yeah, that was me complaining. Here’s me… not complaining?

  1. Picking flowers with my sister XD
  2. Story ideas
  3. More fun times with little kids
  4. Four square (a fun game) at church
  5. did get time to relax today
  6. Fragole (Italian) and waffles (thank you sister!)

I listened to music today:

  1. The Blues (Switchfoot)
  2. Hello Hurricane (Switchfoot)

I wrote (a tiny bit) today. Here is a snippet:

It was a warm afternoon, just as spring was coming into full bloom, and everything hinted that summer was nearing quickly. The air was full of that lovely sound, the orchestra of a neighborhood in spring. The hum of lawnmowers and passing cars mixed with the happy sound of children playing to create a summery background noise. The twitter of a dozen species of birds and and the rustling of tiny leaves completed the delicate waltz.

Good-Night, Sleep Tight…

Wait! Here are some pictures of Twenty One Pilots:


2e212a5689b1b356dbd24d4a1c573184 7eb29b8bc64574b90eac7024ef9a0bf5


The End

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